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shawn fahey
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shawn fahey Solid track from an underrated group. Saw them live with Nile but had already heard them, good band. Sign these guys!!!!
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I've got my own weird obsessions to deal with, and i've stayed distracted for too long. I want to taste the waste, the dead and molting skin shredding off faster than we could replace. And I'll keep it a secret cause I'm damn good at that, next to the boxes we've packes, under the bed he sleeps on. I always spoke better with your tongue in my cheek my words stayed sharper than splintered fractures in my ribs, voodoo needles through our ribs.
Maybe when my mouth stops shitting I'll say something worth half your time. I think I left my ambition in another body ready to pull off what i never could. Keep him cocooned in crimson piano wire, smug with desires to stay content. Somebody ought to tell her there's nowhere left to go, you're not allowed to love me. I think you stole my faith the day you found other things to occupy your hands with. My back, my spirit buckled under the weight of knowing even you could change your mind. I left my sweat smeared on your lips. It tastes like death, it smells like shit. I've been clawing at what's left, breaking through in fits. I'm not running, i don't think i could run if i tried. I am a broken horse with shattered hooves, stamping my defeat in every stride. I won't be the reason he ends up as pathetic as me. I want to carve out something a bit less cynical behind your skin. If i can't light my spark myself, I won't take it from you just to steal it from him. I plucked notes, I pulled strings like a fucking concerto just to hear the same symphonic chords. I trudged along the path of the beaten, breaking my ankles with each step.I wasn't counting on rocks in the road, I was counting the gaps in your breath. You're selling yourself short. I've been walking backwards, digging myself into holes. I've been painting the insides like prison walls. "Fuck your friends, like they won't leave you too?" But I came back with a leash in my teeth. You wanted the world against you? Then i guess it's on my side for once.


released June 6, 2012
Recorded, Engineered, Mastered, Mixed, Equalized, Synthesized, and Compiled by GREG KUMP. Drums recorded and edited by Kevin Colonna.



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Moths Los Angeles, California

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