DEMO 2011

by Moths

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released September 17, 2011



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Moths Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Lead Limbs
I'd wrap my hands in glaciers just to see if i can shiver
Blackened hands gripped white.
I fill the gaps with hope that i can't keep down, so it comes up in chunks, spills out my mouth and on my shirt, covering all that i have with everything i dont deserve, but
If your body rides in sultry waves ill follow the current of your curves to guide us home. Fuck this, erupting the past but we dont want to go there if the ground is still wet and we've ruined the ending. Resist the urge to tell them all that we can't do it, so let's do it until were part of this scenery back where we belong.
I've used my tongue for more than moving dirt, but ive bulldozed, bypassed shit that i didnt know could hurt.
I'll keep a glaze in my eyes, they'll have nails in their palms. They change their strides to accept the gods of lesser men, I've seen it. I want to feel what I've been told can only bring me down, but i can't taste shame with lead limbs, i can taste weight.
Track Name: Scabeater
Im reconsidering what i know about knowing someone. When there's blood in the water we all become sharks shredding bodies for a chance to finish all we started. Our teeth, with serrated edges, grow in rows and i crave the rot of my my fingers. Refusing to ingest anything cleaner than my own skin. But i cant taste who i think i am. We crave more. We all obsess on the fading beauty of flying wasps hoping that maybe we can avoid the sting. I sign the deeds to houses i dont own because if i stay surrounded im not alone. Im done accounting for all these precautions that i know wont change outcomes, because if im going down ill be the water in my lungs. Ill twist my mouth into emotional gang signs that tell stories of my chivalry and mistrust. What if the ghost limb rebels and i cant put it down? There is blood on my hands and i think its mine.